Adult Groups

I’m a very strong introvert, so it took me a long time to embrace groups. In recent years, I’ve participated in and led several groups where magic happened, where community emerged from the seemingly disparate parts of ourselves, where connections were made that brought “aha”s and deep insight.

I still recognize that hesitation to participate in groups. Sure, the cost savings make it compelling from a budgetary standpoint, but why risk emotional exposure and others possibly dominating the spotlight? Here’s why: we are hardwired for connection. When we can see ourselves, both our best selves and the parts of ourselves that we tend to hide, in others, there’s a deep, almost primal recognition that we’re not alone. That synergy and community are worth stretching just a bit out of our comfort zones to sit in the circle with others who walk our same paths.

The groups I’m forming right now include:

Career Exploration. What’s the best career fit for you? Taking stock of your current situation and determining which direction to take involves much more than a few online assessments. It’s important to look beyond your passions, skills, and values. Other variables include a realistic picture of who’s depending on you and what type of income you’re expecting, patterns in your decision-making, and signals (both overt and covert) that you’re getting from people around you.

This group offers you the time, structure, and support to define what you want next in your career. It includes:

  • Fewer than 10 participants so that we have the opportunity for all voices to be expressed
  • Six group sessions (90 minutes/each) for $220 for the whole series
  • Structured activities that foster creativity and practicality
  • Tools that allow you to consider all dimensions of your life so that your career fits with the rest of your world
  • A particular welcome for introverts, which includes opportunities for quiet contemplation and contributions to discussions that give time for ideas to percolate (we’ll have one activity that’s called silent brainstorming that offers a great avenue for introverts to contribute meaningfully)
  • Follow-up opportunities so that participants have touch points where they can check-in as they move into their next phases

Contact me to set up a time to talk about the specifics of the group, which will be in person in Fort Collins. If you’d like to reserve a seat immediately, you can grab a spot in the group that takes place on Wednesday evenings, June 7, 14, 21, and July 12, August 23, and September 6 from 5.30 – 6.45 pm in my office in Old Town Fort Collins.

Finding Our Bearings in this Political Climate. How do we get our feet back under us in the aftermath of this most recent election? This isn’t a political action group, it’s a group about recognizing and managing the fierce emotions that are surfacing right now: stress, grief, rage, horror, and most strongly, fear and anxiety.  How do we navigate these uncertain times when the rules have changed in such a profound way that we cannot find our bearings? We cannot figure out where to turn, how to deal with this cocktail of emotions. Here’s what’s most important: we gather, we dig deep, and we anchor ourselves. I’m offering this group in-person in Fort Collins. Here’s a link to the most recent session.